j.k. rowling | the fringe benefits of failure.

Failure. Failure is something that we, as a society, avoid to talk about. It is a great fear that creeps in our hearts silently. Failure is inevitable. Unless you live so cautiously as to not make a mistake—in which case, by default, you have failed.

Failure strips you of your guise, of an idea. Failure allows you to be vulnerable to your true humanity, in your brokenness and humility. Failure allows you to seek your own true identity and passion, essentially, stripping you of anything that is of the unnecessary. But most importantly, failure grants you a vehicle to become alive again.

“Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.” ~William Shakespeare

Failure can teach you wisdom beyond any other experiences. It can teach you discipline, courage, and integrity. It is only in adversity that one will discover the human spirit of greatness. Rebuilding from the bottomless foundation will secure you as a person and strengthen the courage that lies within you. You will never know your humanity or the strengths of your relationships unless it has been tested by adversity. It is a gift to have such knowledge and worth more than any awards.

We have been formed to think that happiness is based on a check-list of acquisitions and possessions. The world sets a criterion, and we recklessly seek for it. Our success does not lie in achievements and qualifications that are listed on our CV. Yet, I continue to meet people that confuse the two and furthermore, raise their children with that notion.

Life is a lesson, a truth to understand, a gift to unfold. For that, I am beyond grateful for that gift.