the adventures of the grahams | fly-fight-win. | alaska | part i.


It all started in BME 101: Intro to Biomedical Engineering class. A few years of biocompatible prostheses, neural engineering, biomechanics, physiology, and with "due diligence Capstone Project" at the end of road, before they knew-- BAM! They got married. Three children later, they found themselves in Anchorage, Alaska.

We've got Matt in the corner studying hard for his exams, and Nam on the other end multitasking with the children. Nam does immense amount of work home-schooling Michael and Emma. It amazes me how dedicated she is and how much she loves it.

Michael is a brainiac genius and Emma is a witty adventurer. We've got Matt quizzing Michael about the different kingdroms of life (yes, the kingdoms are Archaebacteria, Eubacteria, Protista, Fungi, Plantae, and Animalia. and yes, it was copied and paste from Wikipedia). Michael was also full of random trivia about dinosaurs, too. Emma was all giggles and too cute for words.

Let the journey begin...


“Home is behind, the world ahead,
and there are many paths to tread
through shadows to the edge of night,
until the stars are all alight.” 
― J.R.R. TolkienThe Lord of the Rings