the bush family | an adventure to emerald city.



"A faithful friend is a sturdy shelter: he that has found one has found a treasure.

There is nothing so precious as a faithful friend, and no scales can measure his excellence.

A faithful friend is an elixir of life; and those who fear the Lord will find him."

~Sirach 6:14-16

During high school, I remember ditching physics and history class to go to the art room and work on various painting projects, or to merely escape and read philosophy books. I would always find my sister and one of her good friends, Maureen, hanging in the art room. Their lifelong friendship of 17 years has blossomed into something beautiful and precious that reflects God's good love.

Maureen is one of the most kind-hearted, genuine, compassionate, and faithful woman I know. Motherhood requires a fearless and sacrificial spirit. Maureen has been a beautiful testament in embracing that gift with courage. I am excited for her new and continuing journey with her family in the Emerald City.