the fellowship of the grahams | part ii.

It was a gift to have a mini-family reunion get together with some of my siblings up in Alaska to visit the Grahams. I didn't realize that I was so homesick and needed to be around family so much. 

We were able to kidnap Matt away from studying for his Advanced Trauma Life Support exam and go on a few adventures to the Matanuska Glacier and the Eagle River.

Alaska is gorgeous. The panoramic scenes may have just been taken from Lord of the Rings, and was practically a mini-New Zealand.

Michael and Emma are just absolutely adorable, fearless, intelligent, witty, and so well-behaved. It was wonderful to see their adventures serving with the Air Force firsthand. 

The days were filled with joyful laughters, adventurous escapades, and good family time. And for that, I am beyond grateful.

Special appearances by: Timothy and Thuy Cook.

heading to the matanuska glacier.


the adventure to the Eagle River.